O. Forrest Leather Co.
Premium Leather Products


O. Forrest Leather Co. was founded in early 2018 as a small leather making operation in Belton, SC. Our town of Belton is known for it’s rich railroad history as well as it’s large castle like water tower known as the standpipe. O. Forrest Leather Co. has chosen to use this special piece of memorabilia in our logo because we are passionate about our community and the rich history that surrounds us.

Creating leather products is a passion that we execute with great attention to detail and quality. Our company specializes particularly in minimalist everyday carry products. O. Forrest Leather Co. enjoys creating high quality and sustainable products that are always meticulously hand cut, stitched and finished. Our goal is to provide you with the best product possible and to create a relationship with all of our patrons.

We greatly appreciate your business and we will continue to be a provider for all of your leather needs!